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Business Course for Creative Artisans

The Business Course for Creative Artisans (BCCA) has been developed to help artisans and craft makers turn their skills into commercially viable businesses.

Both the course and the book will guide you through setting up your business, marketing, sales, fundraising and managing the day-to-day business.

Unlike other business courses in art schools, where students are taught theories in a language which is simply not appropriate for people like artisans, the BCCA is been specifically designed for those who learn by doing, trial and error.

“This is a simple (but not simplistic), practical guide for craftspeople on the essentials of surviving in business. The author understands both craft, and business; his approach demystifies starting and building a craft enterprise.”

Professor Julius Weinberg
Former Vice Chancellor Kingston University

What does the course cover?

Session One sets the scene for how you look at your business and how you should approach it. Entrepreneurship or Enterprise? By asking this question, you can save yourself a great deal of time and energy. Are you seeking new markets, which is an entrepreneurial approach? Or are you creating an enterprise which will promote your unique work?

Sessions Two and Three focus on the marketing, sales, and digital/social media which should be at the centre of your business. These chapters outline your options, so that you can think carefully about how you will market your company, then use the simple systems this book offers in order to sell your product.

Session Four covers the legal structure and framework of your business. It lays out all the options you have around being a sole trader, partnership or limited company, and it documents your most important obligations.

Session Five explains the detail of registering and defending your intellectual property rights. You need to understand how to formally record your designs and products so that you can prove they are yours and can protect them from people who might try to copy your work.

Session Six discusses the finances of your business and the elements you need to master. These include creating a portfolio of jobs to keep the money coming in, handling sales and purchases, bookkeeping, banking, getting support and raising extra funding.

Session Seven completes the book with three case studies of successful and inspirational artisans.


Online course

This comprehensive course is based on the BCCA book with commentary which highlights the most important parts of each chapter. By the end of the course you should have created a business plan.


£49 (Introductory price)

Zoom Groups

The course is based on the BCCA book in 6, 2-hour sessions. You will be part of a small group of people on Zoom discussing and building your personal business plan with Dr Hamme.


Tuesday mornings

10.00 - 12.00


Thursday evenings

18.00 - 20.00


Through Birmingham Assay.



In-person Groups

6 sessions at the offices of Birmingham Assay Office based on the BCCA book plus assessment of the set questions.


Please contact the Birmingham Assay Office (BAO) for course dates.


£1,200 (per-person)

Personal Tuition

One-to-one personal sessions.


£100 per-hour

Craft Business Club 

FREE, one-hour group discussion each Tuesday and Thursday morning, designed to bring like-minded craft entrepreneurs together to share ideas. There are no membership requirements.