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Supporting artisans to develop their

ideas and skills into commercially

viable businesses.

A practical, pragmatic, ‘learning-by-doing’ business course.
Dr Gordon Hamme in partnership with Birmingham Assay Office

The Business Course for Creative Artisans (BCCA) has been developed to help artisans and craft makers turn their skills into commercially viable businesses.

Both the course and the book will guide you through setting up your business, marketing, sales, fundraising and managing the day-to-day business.

Unlike other business courses in art schools, where students are taught theories in a language which is simply not appropriate for people like artisans, the BCCA is been specifically designed for those who learn by doing, trial and error.

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£14.95 (plus P&P)
£49 (inc.VAT)
“This is a simple (but not simplistic), practical guide for craftspeople on the essentials of surviving in business. The author understands both craft, and business; his approach demystifies starting and building a craft enterprise.”

Professor Julius Weinberg
Former Vice Chancellor Kingston University
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to the BCCA

This book and course has been designed especially for you as a craftsperson.

The ideas for the course – and so for the book – came to me while I was researching for my doctorate at Edinburgh University which was split between the art school and the business school. I became very concerned that business education for artisan craftspeople was not hitting the mark, and I spent a great deal of time working out why this should be.

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The Author

Dr Gordon Hamme

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The Book

A motivational new book by Dr Gordon Hamme in partnership with Birmingham Assay Office.